Get set for a marketing-filled weekend extravaganza!
Marketing Connect: in collaboration with Mr. Vikas Patel, CSCA from NavKiran - Your Virtual Career Guide and Ms. Sanjula Miglani, brings a couple of exciting and informative workshops. Grab your chance to connect and sharpen your marketing skills. Registrations open!

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Marketing Connect offered an opportunity to learn marketing from the core. Cases of numerous firms and how to cope-up with real-life scenarios were discussed. It also covered insights into understanding the marketing psychological principles, the world of branding, Indian user base decoding, and much more.

There were two workshops which were conducted on subsequent days. These were:

Marketing 101 was conducted out by Marketing Weekly; it was mostly about the marketing ideas, the marketing Whats, and Whys. A perfect learning experience for all those who desired to discover the origins of the marketing domain.

Crazy About Branding, conducted The Crazy Talk, discussed the ongoing business situation, caselets of various firms explaining real-life situations, branding concepts, and decoding the Indian consumer base.

The workshop saw a good number of attendees, which made the event a big success. A competition was then pursued in which participants had to register in a team of 2, pick a company and an unconventional product that is not synonymous with the brand. Plan an ad campaign or an ad that can be used to hit your target market with creativity.

Finally, the winner of the competition was declared, and certificates were given to all participants.

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